I grew up obsessed with technology. I have always been with some sort of computer, from my first iPod, to all of my gaming consoles, to my first laptop, to my first smart phone, and now my custom PC. I surround myself with tech and video games and the stuff I'm interested in. I got interested in programming in high school when I was going to go to college to study physics but then decided to take the only computer science class we had and I was hooked. Ever since I've been developing my skills, learning different languages and diving into projects that I find interesting. I really would like to make a few video games and land a Software job or something as a Computer Graphics programmer. All that said I recently transferred to the University of California-San Diego as a Mathematics-Computer Science major, the Computer Science major was full, and am now a few quarters away from graduating. I'm excited to continue learning and to apply myself to a proper job and some open-source projects. Thank you for checking out my website!